Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This was on a boat in Mumbai. The guys around us were placing some gross, red, fish-smelling oil under each others noses to wake them up. Naturally, Rach and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to prank Phil and take what resulted in each of our favorite pictures ever taken.

Thanksgiving dinner! That's the Pumpkin Curried-Vegetable Soup Rach and I made :)

The LIFE clan (minus me) with Venkat, his wife, and their two children.

Post 17-hour busride to Vizag... the pic was taken on the balcony of our  "luxury suite."

This is what happens when you're white. Masses of Indians gather for the viewing of the Whitey and then push the boldest one over to ask for your photo and shake your hand. The best part was watching them celebrate with leaps and songs after getting our pictures.

YAY!  We made Latkes for the first time... soooooo delish!!

My bedroom. My bed is on the right and Rach's is on the left.

Dining room table again pre-Thanksgiving. We also don't have that table anymore. It shattered at our Hanukah party - whoops. RIP Dining Room Table. You are truly missed.

Our living room. It is NEVER this clean.

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