Monday, December 6, 2010

Epic Weekend #2: Hanukkah and Tollywood

Hanukkah Party

Happy Hanukkah!!  So we hadn’t been lighting candles much or really doing anything to celebrate the holiday… at least until Friday night when we threw what one might call a rather epic celebration. The night started with the world’s most amazing homemade latkes (courtesy of me and Rach :) ) and it ended around 4 AM after our dining room glass table shattered and a near fight broke out… Ha, uhhh… whomp whomp. Even though it ended on a weird note it was totally ridiculous Jewish/Indian fun full of laughs, good food, and far too many things inappropriate to post on my blog. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.


After about an hour of sleep Friday night/Saturday morning I awoke to grab a quick breakfast and head out for the day for my Tollywood debut! Most of you have probably heard of Bollywood (the Indian film industry), and Tollywood is the Telugu film industry unique to the state of Andhra Pradesh (where I live). My ‘agent,’ if you will, named Ramesh picked 5 of us up from home at 7:30 and brought us out to work as paid extras for the comedic film Ayyare featuring Andrha’s King of Comedy, Rajendra Prasad.

Shortly after arriving on set I was escorted to a changing room where I was put in an orange sari and a bindi was painted on my forehead. Minus the fact that an estimate of at least 15 women wore the sari before me and it smelled like it was  never washed, it was a rather fun and unique experience to finally put one on!

Rach and I were placed in the same scene in which I played the role of a devotee to the lead role, Swamy Ji (Rajendra Prasad’s character), and I was instructed to walk behind him in Namaste position looking in awe. There were about 100 people standing in crowds on both sides of us and when “action!” was called they parted ways making an aisle for us to walk through. I’d been hearing a buzz amongst the other actors there about how apparently this guy is super famous… so naturally I did my best to mess around with him a bit and make sure he knew he was shooting that scene with his new BFF. After the first take, the director approached me and showed me where to stand so that the camera could see me better. Instead of moving I gave Rajendra a little punch in the arm and told him to get out of my way because he was blocking me from the camera. I got a lil smirk from the guy and it seemed as though he appreciated my sass J

Ayyare is set to be released in February and we’ve received an informal invitation to the premiere… fingers crossed it works out… stay tuned!

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with a full day of board games, amaaaaaazing food all day, and dinner at Venkat’s house (our Indian program director).  This weekend for sure goes down in history I’d say as Epic weekend #2 of LIFE3.  I’m bored at work now so I don’t have any pix to attach but I”ll post a blog soon with all the photos I owe from T-giving, my apt, and the weekend.

Much love to everyone at home!

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