Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Are Infinite

This is dedicated to somebody who received an invitation to this blog and I hope is reading this entry - by the end of it I hope You know who you are.

Ya know that quote "You may be one person to the world but the world to one person"? Okay so, whomp whomp, kinda cheesy, BUT, in all seriousness, haven't you ever wondered about what you mean to someone? Or, did you ever think that you had a pretty good sense of where someone in particular placed you in their life only to find out later that you had much more or less of an impact on them than you thought?

You truly mean more to me than I think you might suppose you do. Sometimes I think people are drawn to others because of the idea of them but not necessarily because of who they really are. Well, I can honestly say I value You because of who you are. That doesn't mean I've always liked You or that I respect all the choices you make. It also doesn't mean I've always been thrilled with the status of our relationship in the past, the present, or what I anticipate it may look like in the future.

I've been thinking a lot about You lately. Not particularly spurred by any experience per se, maybe I'll just attribute it to cosmic energy or some kind of karma or something. I've recently had random thoughts about You throughout the day, You've appeared in some of my dreams at night, and the funny thing is that in the recent past I haven't seen You relatively much.

I believe that people come in and out of each others' lives for a reason. It's not always to bring one another joy or even any pleasant sentiments at all but sometimes to offer an opportunity.
You have brought me gratitude, humility, confidence, pride, and a sense of connection. You've helped me to find comfort in my own skin, You've helped me challenge my beliefs about myself, You've given me new perspective, and the most beautiful part is that You've done it all so unintentionally and effortlessly - You've done it purely by being You.

Knowing You with the extent, to the depth, and to the limits that I do, I'm gonna guess that as you've been reading this entry You hoped for a quick second that this is actually about You - it is.