Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mysore Adventure Midweek Turning Point


Wednesday and Thursday were uuuuunreal days! I had the most amazing yoga classes and felt absolutely fabulous :)  I took classes both days at 6 AM and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at the Mandala cafe just eating, resting, and talking with other yogis. It's quite an international crowd, each person presenting with a rather unusual and philosophical story. Later in the afternoon on Wednesday I went with one of my roomies, Daniela, to the market place downtown, which continues to be one of my favorite activities when traveling - I just love markets!  Thursday afternoon I went to a second yoga class in the afternoon and had private instruction again - yay!  The pix and video below say it all...

The fruit and veggie market

Kids who work at the market taking their lunch break

Colors! These powders are used as face/skin paints
The cute lil family of kittens that live at the Mandala - how sweet is this?!    

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