Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mysore Adventure Arrival

Wow so it’s been quite a long day of travel via 1 train, 1 bus, and at least 4 rickshaws, and I’ve finally arrived to Mysore. I got here after dark and I had nowhere to stay so I got dropped off at the yoga shala where I knew there would be lots of foreign yoga students and I’d heard there was a guest house nearby. I found a cottage across the street for 150 rupees a night (~$3) and while it doesn’t have a shower or hot water I think I should be able to make due for just a night.  Given that I’ve already counted 4 daddy long legs on the walls and I have an endless supply of dead ants on my sheets, I’m thinking that I’m going to wake up in the morning, grab my breakfast at a restaurant up the road, and look for other options in a different neighborhood I researched called Gokulam.

I’ve been vacillating lots this past day between being super pumped about my solo adventure of the week and then also wondering what the heck I’m doing out here all on my own. Part of me thinks this little cottage could be fun and that Mysore must have more to offer than the little bit I saw tonight, and then another part of me is dying for something comfortable, familiar, and not questionably full of bed bugs, and disease-ridden bacteria in a town a bit smaller and more quaint. It also doesn’t really help that I can’t call anyone on the phone now since it’s Christmas morning at home, all my friends in India are busy traveling, and the internet spot across the street isn’t working (I’m typing this as a word document), so I’m basically totally and completely on my own.

I’m hopeful that after I get some food in my system and a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to wake up tomorrow energized and able to find a new place. The current game plan is to spend tomorrow getting to know Mysore, exploring my options for yoga classes and hostels, and then get started bright and early Monday morning. Boy, I can’t wait!

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