Saturday, February 5, 2011

Final Week in Hyderabad

The last few weeks have been quite an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. I've experienced high his and low lows much similar to the way I was feeling during my first month of transition after leaving home and starting this adventure. As I've been starting to wrap it up the last few weeks I've been feeling more pressure to really get to doing a lot of the things I've been interested in doing that I just kept putting off. I wish I had the energy and time to write separate blogs about each of them, but, since I don't, here's the outlined version that hopefully I can fill you each in on in person once I get back:

  • I went to an AA meeting with one of my roommates to learn more about what the issues of alcoholism and addiction look like in India. It was a fascinating experience, tremendous professional development, and one that I'd love to share more about another time.
  • I went to Paradise (the restaurant) with all my roommates and program directors and had an amazing dinner!
  • I watched the movie 3 Idiots - a must see film!
  • Tonight I'll be going to Syn for Hyderabad's best sushi :)
  • I went to Novotel Hotel for Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch and pool  time
  • My roommates and I threw a farewell party last night - biiiiiiiiig hit!

Just 2 days ago our program directors from Israel arrived and we're now officially in our closing week here in Hyderabad. Our days are being spent this weekend in meetings and seminars where we're focusing on logistics for the transition from India to Israel, doing a little bit of Torah study, providing lots of feedback, reflecting on our time thus far and brainstorming ways to enhance the next 4 months, and generally just having some really valuable group bonding time.  We're also all going to be giving our final presentations to this week. We'll each be presenting the research we've been working on at our respective NGO's and will do so in front of all the members of our program as well as our co-workers from the organizations. It's a bit nerve-wrecking but it's really very rewarding too... few things feel better than the sentiment that comes with knowing you've been a part of creating positive change :)

It's also been a nice few days as I've been able to sit in this communal, reflective, and structured because I'm really gaining new perspective on these last few months in India. I feel like I was running on a treadmill at a fast pace and only now am starting to slow it down to a speed where I can actually start to process all that's around me. This is really such a whirlwind of an experience and while I have some awareness of the ways it's impacted me I'm really starting to see that the majority of personal growth and lessons learned from this experience won't be brought to consciousness  until several weeks or months after I leave. What a journey this is...

Meanwhile, in addition to transitioning from India to Israel, I'm currently planning my 2 week travel.  Yaaay!!  It looks like I'll be going up North with Phil for a week to Delhi, Agra (just for a day to see the Taj Mahal) and then also possibly with Rachel and Nurit around Rajasthan.  Week 2 Phil, Rach and I are heading down to Goa to relax at the beach and meet up with some of our other friends we've met in Hyderabad who are coming to spend our last few days with us.  Should be a perfect way to wrap things up!

As for now... it's nap time after a long day of meetings and an even longer week of work. I hear this is Super Bowl weekend so I'm looking forward to hearing about the Black Eyed Peas halftime show and any worthwhile commercials :) Enjoy for me!

Much love,

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