Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home + Sick

Written November 7th...

Ya know that really vulnerable feeling you get when you’re sick. You just want someone to take care of you, make you soup, watch a movie with you. You want to take a hot shower or bath, snuggle up in bed, and just spend the day there. So I’ve been sick for the last day and the unavailability of all those things that I want is making me pretty homesick today :(

It’s frustrating how much sound travels in our apartment and our neighborhood, it’s frustrating that when the shower works I only get 3 minutes of hot water, it’s frustrating that if I spend even just five minutes outside my nails turn green because of all the dirt and pollution, and it’s getting annoying to be wearing the exact same dirty clothes every single day. Ughhhhh… my gut tells me that I’m just having a bad day and this too shall pass. I also think that at the end of it all these might even be the quirks that I miss the most.

So, for all you reading this in the comfort of the US, here are some things I’ve found I have a newfound appreciation for after missing them so much today: Shower curtains, the availability of clean water, the availability of healthy foods and clean produce, the fact that the majority of people speak one national language, toilet paper, the FDA, traffic lanes and signals, the lack of bargaining in our culture, the multitude of races, the cleanliness in the air, being able to recycle, laws against smoking in bars, sewage systems, garbage pickup, ovens, dryers, wireless internet, freedoms enjoyed by women, and wow there’s more. This makes me think twice about anything I’ve ever complained about at home…

Right now I’m having one of those why-am-I-here-again days… ugh…

Some of our neighbors

Photo taken of the street just outside my apartment

The dumpster around the corner from my apartment. You can typically find 9 goats there, no more no less. 

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  1. I love you Abbers and rest assured there'll be a big stock pot of chicken soup when you come home! Big big hugs and will be about these experiences that you look back on some day - and smile!